Relationships and love

Freedom from disconnected relationships & self doubt

Regular one-on-one coaching sessions to help you to love yourself, communicate to create more connection and understand and honour men and women.

Weekly sessions

Commit to change

Love your life

There is a better way to start renewing love and passion, find a soulmate or have a more loving and nurturing relationship with your kids, family or friends.

People come to us when they:

  • Feel eaten up by self-doubt and this dooming feeling of not being good enough…
  • Want to be authentic so badly but they are so afraid to make mistakes…
  • Cannot seem to be able to speak how they really feel rather than being just nice
  • Just seem to not be able to get through to him and communicate what they need and want in the relationship
  • Want to heal past hurt and pain if they just could let go easily
  • Feel like they and their husband have become “house mates” rather than lovers
  • Want to start a new relationship if they could just find the one for them
  • Hate dating, and expect all men to let them down
  • Think they met Mr. Right – and he turns out to be just another guy who doesn’t know what he wants and came on strong only to withdraw later.
  • Are thinking about him so much of the time, they feel almost like they are loosing themselves and the confidence they used to have.
  • Feel unworthy and not good enough to attract their Mr Right
  • Would love to have a great relationship with their teenage kids if they could just act more reasonable

What’s possible?

  • You start feeling confident and innately valuable naturally
  • You start feeling a stronger sense of self and start seeing who you want to be
  • You learn how to communicate your needs and boundaries with men so they can easily provide what you need.
  • You learn about the difference between men and women and it will explain and solve so much
  • You strengthen your own inner masculine AND feminine energy so you can be an authentic version of you and attract the right partner
  • You learn what is conscious partnership and how to start creating it even if your partner doesn’t know this information.
  • You learn how to love more by sacrificing less (Alison Armstrong)
  • You develop a feeling of calm and centred

How does it work?

In this space I work with couples and individual men or women.

1. 20 minute free call

We have a 20 min totally free zoom appointment (or phone if you prefer) where we check out what you need and if we are a good fit to work together.

2. Create an outcome

We have a first appointment (usually, not always 1.5 hours) where I really hear you, we create an outcome for you and co-create from there. I will roughly know then if you need just this one session, two, six or maybe a few more.

3. Weekly sessions

After the first appointment we usually (not always) have weekly sessions which are usually one hour long. We use whatever tools will give you the best and fastest outcome and result.

4. Readiness to change

You bring the readiness to heal, change and grow.

5. You start loving your life

Words from people who trust Tatjana

Tatjana seemed to understand me without me having to explain. She really helped me to believe in myself more, to trust in my ability to heal myself and to know what to eat and when. She is able to coach very spontaneously and generously. I highly recommend her!

Shilpa Shah

Certified NLP Trainer, Master NLP & Quantum Life Coach, Facilitator and management trainer (November 2019)

I was at a really dark place in my life when I started seeing Tatjana. I hadn’t seen any semblance of family for a very long time due to Covid, working from home felt very isolating and to add to that, I had broken up with a guy I was seeing. I felt purposeless and lost. Tatjana really helped me first to be honest to myself, accept myself for who I am and slowly I learned to appreciate me for me. I used to constantly look for approval, validation outside me and now I have learned to see myself and fulfill my own needs of love, validation and approval. Tatjana helped me unlock this self-love… Life feels easy and flows more smoothly. I really appreciate everything Tatjana did to help me and support me through this journey and I would highly recommend her.


Technology Consultant (April 21)

I just wanted to let you know everything is going so well and I am so happy. Derek is amazing and we said the L word on the weekend when we went away to Arlie Beach xxxx thank you for all your help!!!


(June 2021)

Thank you so much for everything. I feel like I have a different set of eyes that I am now seeing life through.

Natalie Sakre

(March 2021)

I can’t recommend Tatjana enough! She is an angel! I’ve worked with Tatjana over the past few years for one-on-one hypnotherapy, coaching and group NLP courses. She embodies everything I wish to be and I can’t thank her enough for changing my life. Tatjana doesn’t make you keep re-booking sessions unnecessarily, she is totally genuine. You won’t regret it.

Deborah Eastwood

(February 21)

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