Honoring men and women

Men are not hairy, insensitive, rude women and women are not overemotional, neurotic, soft men. We are literally two different species.

Women most of the time think men are misbehaving and need to be punished or lectured so they can be “better behaved”. This is false.

We both have two operating systems. The Hunter operating system which equals masculine energy. The Gatherer operating system which equals feminine energy. Most men most of the time operate from the Hunter operating system.

Women spend more and more time in the Hunter operating system too – however it expresses itself differently in us and feels exhausting and will ultimately – in my opinion – lead to burnout. The natural (and always underlyingly active) operating system for women is the Gatherer operating system.

Men and Women have different needs, behaviours and ways of thinking. We are equal but definitely not at all the same.

The assumption that we are the same leads to so many problems in relationships between men and women that this information is worth extra space.

I am learning and have learned this information from an amazing woman called
Alison Armstrong www.alisonarmstrong.com. She has studied men and later women and how they relate to each other for over 30 years.

I have a new found deep respect, gratitude and appreciation for men.

I have a deepened love, understanding and appreciating for women.

Honouring men and women and truly learning about each other is the way out of fighting and misunderstanding each other and into deeply respectful, connected, loving partnership.

My deepest gratitude to the amazing Alison Armstrong and also Tony Robbins who has added to my understanding and knowledge of this.

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