EFT Therapy, NLP and other tools

Tatjana applys a mixture of teaching, coaching, healing and releasing hypnotic techniques. She is constantly working with your conscious and subconscious mind, your higher (soul) self and your body awareness.

When they are all congruent with one another we are in a so called “flow state” and we can create the life we want with ease in all areas.

Tatjana absolutely believes it is so important to not only create new neurological pathways but heal the wounds from the past and release suppressed emotions especially the ones which have a high charge. Then we need to integrate all new habits, learnings, realisations and changes on a physical, emotional and mental level.

The tools Tatjana uses are a mix of Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping, Hypnotherapy, Parts Work, Inner Child Work, Visualization, The Sedona Method of welcoming and releasing, NLP Coaching, Time Line Work, Energy Constellations, Non Violent Communication (Marshal Rosenberg), conscious Relationship Coaching, Understanding Men & Women (Alison Armstrong), natural medicine and evidence based nutrition.

EFT Therapy

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT means “Emotional Freedom Techniques.” It is a powerful self-help and therapy method based on research showing that emotional trauma compromises both physical and emotional health.

Over 100 clinical trials have shown that EFT is effective for anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, phobias, and many physical diagnoses. EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress.

EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy. These are combined with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on 13 acupuncture points. For that reason EFT is often called “tapping.” Over 100 papers published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals demonstrate that EFT is effective. (www.eftuniverse.com)

These are just some of the problems I can really work with you on changing…

NLP Coaching

NLP is a model of communication used successfully all over the world in all areas of life.

It is a study of how we talk to others and to ourselves – and how this affects and creates our emotions and behaviour. We receive information from the outside that we shape through our perception.

We delete, distort and generalise information about outside events and create an internal truth about the event which has little to do with the “real” event (we make it mean something that it might not mean). It is our view (assumption) of that event. This truth will then determine how we feel and thus create our emotional state which regulates our physiology, our behaviour and influences literally all our decisions and reactions.

While constantly perceiving information from outside in our own “special way”, we create our own “model of the world”. It is our truth, not necessarily the truth of the people around us and it most probably doesn´t reflect the events themselves.

We create our own reality. We also create habits and problems and misunderstandings as the people around us most likely have a different model of their world. Most of those processes are unconscious and happen “automatically”.

NLP Coaching is about reviewing those processes and change them if they don´t serve you anymore. Together we can review the steps you unconsciously take to feel a certain way or behave a certain way or understand another person a certain way.

In bringing it into your conscious awareness we together can create amazing change.

NLP Coaching is also about loosening your grip on a problem and creating different views and thoughts of certain situations and completely revising your belief system to get the outcome you want. It helps you to create a positive emotional state so you feel how you want to feel.

NLP Coaching also helps us to distinguish what is the real authentic you, what are your true drivers and values, what is your purpose and what is childhood programming that is not who you are and doesn’t serve you any longer.

Together we can generate better relationships for you, success at your work, a more positive state of mind, habits that really serve you, help you to make more money and lead you to better health and wellbeing.

How you perceive your life, your chances, your choices and how important people around you feel towards you has a huge impact on creating health and wellbeing and improving or even healing chronic conditions.

Want amazing change to create the beautiful life you want?

Tatjana’s accreditations

  • Relationship Coach trained by Rori Raye
  • Studying Men & Women with Alison Armstrong
  • EFT Practitioner (EFT Universe)
  • Coaching Certification with Scott Harris
  • Certified NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® trainer through the American Board of NLP and Time Line Therapy.
  • Mastery University with Tony Robbins
  • A Certified master practitioner of NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis by the Tad James Training Company
  • Adv. Diploma of Naturopathy, Adv. Diploma of Nutritional Science, Adv. Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (ACNT College Sydney and Charles Sturt University)
  • Life Coach certified by Andreas Winter
  • Basis and Master Course Certification “Hypnotic Techniques and NLP” by Hypnose-institut Deutschland (Germany)